January News

News from Benin: On the 20th of December 2012, the President of the Republic of Benin Dr Yayi Boni and the French Ambassador in Benin Mr Jean Paul Monchau launched the newly built navy base in Grand Popo a suburb of Cotonou, about 40 NM from the Port of Cotonou.

The facility was created in 1978 with the primary objective to protect and secure Benin Waters with a coverage of 75 nm East to West and 200nm depth. Unfortunately, it never became operational due to lack of infrastructure, leaving the Port of Cotonou vulnerable to the sea crime attacks experienced in the area towards the end of 2011.

Since then Benin has implemented several measures to fight sea crimes such as patrol zones, and 3 patrol boats Zou Ouéme and Alibori . To further reinforce Benin waters, acquisition of state of the art infrastructures for the navy Base in Grand Popo with a semaphore.

The Navy Base in Grand Popo has been fully operational since December 20th 2012 and we are delighted that once again Benin waters are fully secured.

News from Ghana: This month the team at OMA Ghana took part in a workshop run by Mrs Joyce Sika Twum and Mr Jerry Owiredu Darko from Self Search Ghana Limited. Covering all areas around team building, customer relations, leadership style, ISO accreditation and organisational culture, it was declared an excellent and extremely useful training day for all.

News from Togo: Having achieved all our objectives in 2012, OMA Togo experienced a record number of port agency appointments – 115 in total as well as 3500 crew assisted during the year.  This year we have already started the ISO accreditation process and are looking forward to serving all our clients needs in 2013.

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