Port Congestion update

3 days delay to berthing due to 2 berths (out of 5) currently under repair.

Containers berth: Waiting time still 24 to 36 hours.
General cargo berths:  Waiting time for rice cargo vessels 45 up to 60 days. Rainy season causing delays to vessels discharge.
Mineral berths (East jetty):  Waiting time for bulkers (gypsum, clinker) being 4 or 5 days
Tankers berths : No congestion noticed at ORYX jetty. However a light congestion is presently noticed at Sonacop terminal P2 due to the fact that both bulkers and tankers are sharing the same jetty.

No delays to berthing for container ships

No container vessels delays except 5 Star Terminal (Tin Can Island) where 48 hrs delays to berthing is being incurred.

No delays to berthing for container vessels

Container vessel (MPS): 7 days delay
Container vessel (Other berth): 3 days delay
Bulker Carrier : 8 Days delay
Reefer Carrier : 4 Days delay
Bagged Cargo : 4 Days delay

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