Togo Security Update

Please see below the new security regulations from the Togolese Navy, if you would like more information on this or other security measures in the region please contact us email us

Establishment of a vessel identification station

A vessel identification station is established which is called “TOGO NAVY”. This station, which is established at the Lomé military naval base, is responsible for identifying all vessels navigating in or through Togolese territorial waters so as to ensure optimal control over these waters. The scope of equipment used at the station additionally enables good coverage of the surrounding area.

The coordinates of the vessel identification station are as follows:
* VHF : Channel 16, Channel 10 “TOGO NAVY”
* TEL : 00 228 22 23 70 83
* FAX : 00 228 22 71 01 10
* INMARSAT-C : 584 422 801 833
* MAIL :

The Togo Navy has four patrol boats and one Air Force helicopter for patrolling in their maritime areas specifically in the safe anchorage. Two new Offshore Patrol Boats ordered in France are expected in Spring 2014.

Establishment of a berthing zone and waiting zone

… where 24 hour patrols by vessels belonging to the National Navy have been established in Togolese territorial waters.  The coordinates of the berthing zone and waiting zone are :

Obligations of vessels

All vessels are under the obligation to contact the “TOGO NAVY” identification station on VHF channel 10 prior to entering the territorial waters. In such instance as the vessel has armed protection, this should be notified 48 hours in advance and all arms and weaponry should be disarmed prior to entry into territorial waters.

All vessels present in Togolese territorial waters are bound as follows:
* To ensure permanent radio telephonic monitoring (VHF) on the international call frequency (channel 16) and channel 10
* To inform the “TOGO NAVY” identification station, by all means at its disposal, of any incident or accident which may compromise the safety of persons, the vessel or its navigation, and more generally of any situation likely to lead to pollution of the waters and coastline
* To ensure compliance with injunctions issued by the shipping and maritime authorities and to respond to any request for information issued by the Togolese authorities

All vessels present in the Togolese territorial waters shall be under the obligation to comply with the provisions which follow:
* To ensure the AIS emitter is continuously activated
* To indicate the presence of any vessel navigating within a distance of less than 222 metres
* To have a Shipping Agency
* To issue prior information to the Shipping Agency and the “TOGO NAVY” identification station prior to any operations being undertaken (transhipment or resupply) with other vessel
* To inform the “TOGO NAVY” identification station of departure from the mooring point two hours prior to unberthing

All vessels shall be under the obligation to preferably anchor in the berthing zone or waiting zone where supervision and patrols are undertaken permanently.

Special provisions

All vessels, shipping companies, and shipping agents shall be entitled to request special protection by the State Armed Services through its Shipping Agency.
All movements and manoeuvres of supply vessels towards moored vessels are prohibited at night. Each supply vessel shall be under the obligation to indicate its manoeuvres to the “TOGO NAVY” identification station.

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